Fright Night at Playland

Every year from the middle of October until the Halloween weekend, Playland is home to the Fright Nights Halloween event. During this time, haunted houses are brought in and setup in Playland and employed monsters are roaming the park scaring people. All of the parks amusement rides are in operation with the exception of the children’s attractions.

The 2011 Playland season has been every exciting with the launch of the brand new extreme swing ride ATMOSFEAR! Imaging being 200ft in the air, swinging 360┬░at 70km/hr while in the pitch black fall sky!

Haunted Clown House – Car-n-Evil

A 3D Experience

Symptoms Include: Feeling of panic, Feeling of terror, Feeling of dread, Rapid heartbeat, Shortness of breath, Trembling intense fear, Anxiety, Overwhelming desire to flee, Extreme measures taken to avoid clowns… If you’re able.

Haunted Mansion

There is a new family in town. This Haunted Mansion, mastered by the deviously brilliant Dr. Luther Van Horn, has been transformed from a once lovely Manor into a house of horror. Experience the sounds of terror that travel through all crevasses of this oversized Mansion. Encounter the destructive descendants of the Van Horn family who stalk the halls of the large Manor waiting … for you.


So what are you waitig for? book a ride with us to have an awesome experience and unforgettable Halloween.

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